Side- Thigh up. No posing. No weird angles. Panties or bikini bottoms only.

Front- Thigh up. No posing. No weird angles. Panties or bikini bottoms only.

Before going any further I want to make myself perfectly clear on some things so there are no misunderstandings or misconceptions. 

I will make the call as to whether or not you could make a good model for me. The only way to find out if you do is to complete the form below. I know what I have stated as to what I prefer, sometimes exceptions are made and the young lady you see all over my website is a perfect example. She is not busty, she has a booty, she's not perfectly proportioned BUT she does take some great images!

By sending your info and images you are NOT guaranteed to shoot any particular project if I feel you do not have the look I'm wanting. If at all possible, I will try to find something for you though. In those cases where I feel you do not have the right look/figure for what I'm looking for, I will say so. 

Everything I have listed below I have for a reason. After 14+ years I would say I have figured out what works for me to ensure a model makes her shoot and to make sure she gets booked for the right shoot/concept/wardrobe for her. I dont wanna hear what everyone else does cause they're not my concern. I book and shoot more than just about any other photographer in the area and I have a LOW flake percentage and I credit a portion of that to this.

Yes I know that there are probably only a handful of photographers out there who do anything like this. I understand that you may never have had to do anything like this (sending topless images) before. I'm not like most others though. I've been burnt before with padded and support bras giving misleading images as to size as well as perkiness and models are not always going to offer you the truth when they want to do a specific shoot. The images asked for tell the true story. Would be no issue except, I shoot nudes. I need to know what I'm dealing with prior to not at the time of. I did not say implied! Implied images as well as clothed are for the sole benefit of social media so we both have something to share with our peers and followers

Please take note, when send your images, please send them as described. In case you're wondering, yes I am asking for topless. I want to see how the breasts set naturally as well as your figure as a whole without someone else altering your appearance. I supply the outfits and I have my own visions as to how I want something to look. Bras (any type) alter the appearance of the breasts by lifting, supporting, smashing. Since I do not allow them on my sets, I prefer to not see them with your info. Keep in mind also that my shoots normally include sheer clothing, topless and nudes. If its your modesty/inhibitions/conservatism that is preventing you from sending the correct images, then you probably will not be able to do any of my Casting Calls. I do understand that sending these images is not a standard request by many. For those who feel the need to, can use black tape or pasties. Just giving you heads up now so there is no misunderstandings*.


Hopefully you have read through the rest of my site as well as gone through my images to see who I am, how I shoot as well as what I shoot BEFORE you decide to continue. 


Once you have completed the form, it will now direct you to my Model Release Form which you will need to read and "sign" electronically for my records. Trying to save a few trees :) 

This form is set up to where all blanks must be filled in IF it shows to be required. There will be no half assing. If thats what you're used to then you can stop here cause I have no use for ya

*Here are examples of the body shots. The model gave me permission to use them because I have been getting useless images from many. If you do not have a timer or someone to take them for you, mirror (full length) selfies will be fine No other types of images will be accepted.

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