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Casting Calls

These are my current Casting Calls. BEFORE you decide you want to do any of these, PLEASE be sure you have read through the rest of my site. It will avoid confusion and expectations. These are currently the only TFP I will be offering til further notice. I must have your Booking Info on file to be considered


Scroll through and pick an image, click on it and it will open up with a description of the shoot and any current details I have

All shoots are TFP. I will provide all wardrobe to be used on all shoots.

I will generally do 2-4 additional sets of other outfits beyond what is listed for the casting.

I will now limit to TWO (Closet not included) of these casting per shoot. So pending variables, we could be shooting from 4-6 sets for your shoot.

Unless otherwise stated for a specific look, all ethnicities are welcome

Unless otherwise stated for a specific look, not concerned with hair color, tattoos or piercings


What I am looking for in all cases:


Height/Weight Proportionate

Bust/Waist/Hips Proportionate


No experience required. I'm more concerned with your look

Although I will list this on each it pertains to, just assume each casting could end up with a nude element to it. I do not modify my visions to accommodate a model's inhibitions no more than I expect a model to accommodate my lack of them.

NOTE: Because I'm in the process of trying to clear my closet out before the end of the 2023 calendar year, sets that include these items for the model to take home can be done without exposure. This goes for some of the ongoing projects as well. If an item of clothing or something for a project is sheer, it will still be shot as intended. I'm just trying to help by leaving actual exposure as optional

If you have questions related to any casting, please feel free to ask.

I have added links to several to show previous shoots for that project

Be sure to make it to the end of the page! I've added some that I have no images for... yet!

Here is the short list of some other things I've looking to do that Liz and I cant get to til at least 2024 so I'm gonna open them up to others for 2023! I will be adding more later


Grunge shoot

Generic Fantasy CosPlay

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