Liz's Prints

After much discussion, Liz and I will now be offering exclusive prints. These will be limited to a max of 10 prints per image. She has personally selected each of these. As stated several times, she is limited as to what she is able to shoot but is pushing those boundaries SOME for a select few of these. As much as we would have liked for her to have been able to sign these personally, it just wasnt practical and still keep the cost down but we did the next best thing and added her signature to many of these images. There is something here from almost every set we have ever done together

Just as in my other galleries for prints, I have kept the margins very low. We're not making a lot off of these. You decide what format and size and the cost is figured for you.

Liz is making 50% of each print sold so if not me, then do it for her!

Watermark will NOT be present on the prints. 

Added Note from Logan Grey: Feel free to buy one of each to decorate your home, office or Man Cave! Honestly, I wont mind at all! :)

Please be sure to go check out my BentBox account for digital images of Liz in all of her shoots with me. Currently over 4000 images available and growing!