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The Models

These are all of the models (all skill levels or who just wanted to try it out) that I have shot for Logan Grey. There is one image per model and all were taken from their first shoot with me. So everyone is represented here on my website.

The images are in reverse order from when they were taken so when I update, the latest will be first. So for models looking for references, here are over 260 for ya at the time I posted this! Most are tagged on my Facebook and/or IG except those who wish not to be due to family/jobs. 

Yes there are some nudes/topless images here and there. Cant post on social media but I sure as hell can here without getting blocked dammit! Although I did try to avoid posting too many, in those cases I did, I just loved the shot and wanted to share

Most of these shoots and others we've done are available on Bentbox. The exceptions are those who are minors and those who opted to keep their full shoots private.

Update: For my fans, I have gone through and added links to Bentbox to many of these. I will complete the process eventually!

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