Liz's Prints

I had to redo this page. It was too confusing even for me and wrote it!

Many of my fans are also fans of my Muse... Liz who is plastered all over my website. Being that she is not able to operate her own site, I have helped her with her modeling expenses through my own. Which hopefully this will help out some more.


We have done to date, over 40 shoots in almost 6 years. Well over 10k images! Mostly her images are PG but we have done quite a bit of PG13 as well. She is not able to shoot anything that exposes bare nipple or vagina if she wants to keep her bill paying job. Those types of images will never be available at any cost.

What we do have available is any image that she or I have posted on social media or you see here on my website or have access to through Patreon and Bentbox , will be available. I have added several here  to start ya off BUT if there is an image you have in mind (from these pages, social media or Patreon/Bentbox) that you dont see below, email it to me and I will add it to the options. As with prints, all images you have access to are available  EXCEPT the image you see that she is wearing.

To order prints or T-Shirts, just click the image and follow the instructions from there!


To place your AUTOGRAPHED order, please email me with the following info:

Your name

Shipping address

Copies of the image(s) you want prints of

Size(s) of the print(s)

If autograph is desired (will require additional time)

Once I receive your email, I will calculate your total and payment will be required through Venmo before order is processed. This will happen within 24 hours. You will be kept updated as I am of its status

I'm keeping the margins down in order to keep them affordable


Liz and I both thank you for your continued support