Welcome to my website!

These pages were designed primarily for  models who are wanting to book shoots with me. I have a ton of information for you and for those ready to book her shoot, I have a Booking page requesting information from you. I highly recommend you taking the time to read through this site as well as look through the images so you can learn more about me, what I shoot and what I expect from you.


If I sent you a personal invite then there is something in your images that I have seen that I want to shoot. So dont give me any shit about you not meeting what I normally look for. 

I REPEAT! PLEASE read through all of these pages! Yes it will take a short bit but if you make it to my Booking page and send me your info. I will assume you did which means I expect you to be properly prepared for your shoot. This is called making an investment in yourself to apply towards your craft. AS I've stated MANY times, I really dont give a rats ass what anyone else does. They are not my concern. Only my shoots are. (making statements like this is how some think I'm an ass! lol :p I promise! I'm not!)

If you're a fan of my work and would like to see more you can visit Patreon or BentBox. Your contributions on these sites keep my closet full. For those of you who just wish to donate here are a few options for ya:

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Thank you for stopping by!

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