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Teen Models

Yes I do shoot teen models. Its rare but it does happen here and there. I figured I would add a gallery just for them.

Just to answer a few questions here and now

Yes I do require all new to me models to go through the same Booking Form. 

I'm even pickier when it comes to teen models than I am with others. So dont go expecting to get free Sr Pics. These shoots do not end up on Patreon or Bentbox and I still provide the wardrobe and other expenses. So they basically cost me money. Which I dont mind as long as we get a good shoot out of it!

I will put them through the same grueling course I put everyone else through.

Yes their mom's were all present. I dont require it if they are old enough to drive but since it makes everyone (other shooters) else more comfortable, I try to have them there.

Sets can still get edgy but age appropriate

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