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New Update!

For those wishing to get copies of my work, there are several ways to go about it. I have them listed below with brief descriptions

Prints- Will be back as soon as I can get them back up!

Books/Calendars- I have put together several art books of various models and a series with my work with Liz and a few calendars and they can be found here MagCloud

Digital Copies of Shoots- Over 450 boxes available of my shoots over the years with various models BentBox

Digital Copies of Liz's Uncensored Shoots- There are over 30 boxes of uncensored content from my shoots with Liz BentArt
Dropbox links to samples of shoots including Archives going back to the beginning- Patreon

These images are currently available for Prints, T-Shirts and more! There is one shot from each shoot we've done. New images will be added after each new shoot.  If there is another image you would prefer, email me a copy of the image and I will add it within 24 hours for 24 hours. Gonna be honest with ya... The profit margins on these are low!

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