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Your Shoot 

If you're thinking about doing a Boudoir Shoot for yourself or for someone else, then hopefully I can help! 

If you have your own ideas or if you want me to have full creative control, I can work with it!

My shoots are low stress. Actually, zero stress and fun! As stated in my FAQs, I just kinda do my own thing. I've never really been much for tradition or copying what others do. I will take inspiration from what others have done if I like it and see what I can do with it.

You have the option of shooting in studio or on location.


Studio shoots are done at the Hidden Studios of Irving on W Irving Blvd. I generally either build my own version of a bedroom setting or wing it.

Location shoots can be done anywhere. Lake, woods, fields or in a hotel room or your home if you prefer. Please keep in mind that any additional venue fees would be your responsibility.

Before we start booking, I just need to have an idea of what you're looking for. Send me some examples of what appeals to you. I'll always be honest with you. If its something I dont feel I could do justice with, I'll let you know. 


Once we have discussed the full content of the shoot, we'll get your quote, date, time and location figured out. At that time your retainer will be due.

If you would like a Makeup Artist/Hair Stylist, I do have some listed above... MAU/H... Their fees are separate from mine.

You will need to provide your own outfits and any special props/accessories for your shoot. I do have props/accessories at the studio that you are more than welcome to use

I will direct you through your shoot to guide you through your posing so thats one less thing to be concerned with. When shooting at the studio, I am tethered to my laptop so you can see your images as we shoot and you're more than welcome to look through them. Once we have your shoot complete, I will make adjustments on your images and have them to you generally by the next day. You will get your full shoot, minus my screwups, in web size and High Resolution for prints along with a print release so you can print out whichever you like through the processor of your choice. Images will be delivered through Dropbox.