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About Logan Grey

Just so everyone knows, Logan Grey is a brand name only.  My name is Kenny and everyone knows it and now you do too! :)

Just to avoid further confusion, yes I am male. The model you see throughout my pages is my Friend and Muse Liz.


As you will see I have furnished you with ALL kinds of info. Maybe a bit of overload but its always here in case you need to come back


I'm an experienced published photographer with about 17 years experience. I specialize in Art, Lifestyle and Glamour including Portraits, Headshots, Swimwear, Nudes and Boudoir. I basically just do my own thing. Its rare I have more than a specific shot or two in mind before I start shooting. I prefer to go with the flow for the most part and rely on what I see in front of me vs putting together a storyboard. This works for me.

If you have something specific in mind you would like to do, then by all means, let me know!


I use Lightroom for my post processing. I dont own Photoshop. Minor corrections I can and will take care of. 


I mainly shoot on location in the S GP area (Joe Pool Lake is a favorite spot). I will also shoot all over DFW for certain looks. The studio is centrally located in Irving

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