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About Logan Grey


Just so everyone knows, Logan Grey is a brand name only. I had a full page explaining the reason for it but I have removed it. Its all old news and most everyone in the DFW community knows the story so there was no reason to keep it here. My name is Kenny and everyone knows it and now you do too! :)

Just to avoid further confusion, yes I am male. The model you see throughout my pages is my Friend and Muse Liz.


I will try to provide you with as much information as I can through my pages and will hopefully answer any questions you may have. If after reading through and you still have any, you may email me and ask away! But I do urge EVERY model who wishes to work with me to read these pages.

For those of you who actually take the time to read through everything, I swear I am not an ASS! Well, this is debatable depending upon who you ask. There are those who do not agree with me and think I am. There are those who understand where I'm coming from and why I do things a certain way that generally is not liked by everyone else. I'm just blunt, direct, to the point, no beating around bushes, wont sugarcoat anything. If you're looking to be coddled during your tenure in modeling, you picked the wrong hobby! Definitely picked the wrong photographer too.

As you will see I have furnished you with ALL kinds of info. Maybe a bit of overload but its always here in case you need to come back


I'm an experienced published (big whoop!) photographer with over 16 years experience. I specialize in Art, Lifestyle and Glamour including Head shots, Swimwear, Nudes and Lingerie'. I basically just do my own thing. Its rare I have more than a specific shot or two in mind before I start shooting. I prefer to go with the flow for the most part and rely on what I see in front of me vs putting together a storyboard. This works for me.

I mainly shoot on location in the S GP area (Joe Pool Lake is a favorite spot). I will also shoot all over DFW for certain looks. New studio location is not far from the old one in Irving


All shoots are done on a TFP (Time for Photos) basis. I do this because 1) I feel money interferes with the creative process 2) I dont feel its right to make money off of other creatives 3) TFP allows both parties to acquire funds from other interested parties in their work without having to involve others in the shoot.

Now please head to FAQs to get your questions answered! :)

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