About Logan Grey

I will try to provide you with as much information as I can through my pages and will hopefully answer any questions you may have. If after reading through and you still have any, you may email me and ask away! But I do urge EVERY model who wishes to work with me to read these pages.

For those of you who actually take the time to read through everything, I swear I am not an ASS! I'm just blunt, direct, to the point, no beating around bushes, wont sugarcoat anything. If you're looking to be coddled during your tenure in modeling, you picked the wrong hobby! Definitely picked the wrong photographer too

As you will see I have furnished you with ALL kinds of info. Much of it are answers to questions you should be asking your photographers. 


I'm an experienced published photographer with over 15 years experience. I specialize in Art, Lifestyle and Glamour including Head shots, Swimwear, Nudes and Lingerie'. 

I mainly shoot on location in the S GP area (Joe Pool Lake is a favorite spot). I will also shoot all over DFW for certain looks. New studio location is not far from the old one in Irving


All Casting Call shoots are done on a TFP (Time for Photos). These are the ONLY TFP I will be offering. 

Just so everyone knows, Logan Grey is a brand name only. If you wish, you are welcome and encouraged to read the following (as well as the rest of my pages):

The truth behind Logan Grey

Just a quick break. Although many know the story I'm leaving this here for those that dont. I'm all about keeping things out in the open and not hiding behind anything

The Decision

People have been asking about me for a few months now. Who am I and where did I come from? My real name is not Logan Grey. Its a pen name more than anything. My real name is Kenny Newcomer and I have been a photographer here in the metroplex since 2006. I started using the pseudonym due to all the lies, rumors, gossip and "influence" certain people (lets not bullshit ourselves, we all know who it was. Fucking little douche bag "photographer" in Dallas who likes to exploit aspiring models cause he cant make it on his own as a photographer and all the ones he had/has brainwashed into thinking he's gonna get them somewhere in their modeling careers. Then we had a DJ who was gonna be the "Savior of all DFW models" by "exposing" photographers due to the content we shot.) have been conducting over area models. By influence, I mean "If you're going to shoot with Kenny, you cant shoot with me and if you shoot with me, I'm going to make you this promise and that..."

I've decided to type this out to leave a record as to why Logan Grey came into existence. First off, I cannot apologize enough to those I have let down with the charade. I knew it would happen but if I were able to have done this on my own terms, I feel it could have gone easier for those models if I wasn't forced to play my hand.

I discussed doing this back in November 2014 I believe with a couple of photographers and then a few models explaining why I felt I needed to do this and they all agreed. I set my self a time frame of no later than 1 year on the high end but no sooner than six months before I made the announcement and outed myself. I made a new FB account with fanpage, have a dedicated cell, email, website and Paypal account as well.

The reason for the charade was because of my haters, more affectionately referred to as my "fans" :p I have people out there spreading rumors, gossip and out right lies about me. Some are photographers, some are models. Most (90% or better) of these people I've never met but yet because their "source" is so reliable, they feel its ok to repeat what they've heard or believe what they've heard and pretty much refuse to shoot with me. Some of those who refused to shoot with Kenny before were now contacting Logan. My only goal was to get to shoot and network with models who I otherwise would have not had the chance due to circumstances I had no control over. If my work sucked and they said so, I can live with that. But when you're told "I was told to not work with you because..." that is BS. Funny how some of those came to Logan wanting to shoot (just to be clear, I did not shoot nor out right book all of those that came to me. I come to find out that some have piss poor communication skills at best and cant return a message. Miracle they get any shoots booked). Kinda funny how it wasn't my work that kept people away.

Initial thoughts are "if they wanna believe that shit, then I don't wanna shoot with them anyways" and at the same time, its still hurtful that people will do this. Why? Do they feel threatened? Are they jealous? Insecure? Am I messing up their revenue? Because I actually follow through with my promises? Do I rock the boat a little to close to home for some and the way they run their "practice"? The reasons that certain individuals have decided to attempt to ruin me in the DFW Modeling World is beyond me. Quite frankly, I don't really care anymore.

I did need to way to prove them all wrong to everyone who had chosen to believe them so here came Logan Grey out of no where. There are other photographers who run separate labels to divide their businesses between this work and that. So for me to do it wasn't unheard of, I just chose to not volunteer who this actually was. By announcing it was me, would totally defeat the purpose of doing it.

I've always been simplistic in my ways. Its basically me and my cameras and four lenses. I have a reflector I don't like using but have just i case. I have a speed light I don't like using but have just in case. I accomplish all of my images without the use of Photoshop. I do use Lightroom for adjustments. I get back my models their full shoot. I don't limit them to a certain number per set. Why? Because I can. I'm not saying what others do is wrong. Its just what they do for whatever reasons they feel work for them. They do what they do, I do what I do. Simple as that.

I don't make a living shooting models. I have other clients. I do charge models who want to start, build, update their portfolios when they are not able to for whatever reason to shoot what I want to shoot and I know they are lacking in abilities. Or they have set up a tfp shoot and didn't make that shoot for whatever reason. One strike and you're out with me. I don't give second chances to ruin my day because they are limited. Sorry but getting naked does not waive my fees when you’ve wasted my time before as it will with some.

Call me what you will for what I have done. I have done nothing to be ashamed of and I would do it again if I had it to do over. My only regret is letting down those models I didn't tell when we shot.

The Outing

It was brought to my attention by a photographer who knew about the charade that a model and photographer had outed me. I went to her page, read her post and his comments along with those of others. Then I came out and said a small piece of what I wanted to say. I then addressed a couple of comments and left it alone. I then went and posted here on my page and then contacted the models I had shot who were not in the know to set the record straight. I wanted them to hear it from me first.

All in all I got back positive responses at this writing. Yes there are a couple who are disappointed but they all understand especially with all the drama that is created in our little community.

Yeah, she had thought she was uncovering Watergate but there really wasn't anything to it. To me it was no major issue. A little earlier than I wanted but that's fine. She stated people need to know who they're working with. I told her I 100% agree in normal cases. In this case, it wasn't her (nor the photographer's) secret to tell. They were just being malicious in their actions. If I were a predator, yes, tell the world. I was just conducting and experiment trying to prove a point, which I was doing and they contaminated the results. Ask yourself... what was the purpose of not contacting me directly first? Why just throw it out there for everyone to see without getting the facts? Sound familiar? People throwing things out without having the facts? Hmmm....

The Deception

As I stated, the biggest regret is deceiving those I befriended as to my real identity. Because I didn't know them that well, knew who some of them had been associated with before, I didn't know who I could actually trust. If I told everyone I shot then it could fall through in a few days and had been a waste. I had to risk it. There was no other choice. I had to make the decision of what I considered to be the lesser evil.

I wanted this profile to start fresh without prejudice from anyone. I erased the slate to all of those who had done me wrong in the past. I wanted no one to have any reason to go hating on Logan. Where before I would ignore certain postings by certain people, I now acknowledged them. Logan had no enemies and I wanted to keep it that way. This profile allowed me to shoot 10 models this year (2015) that Kenny had no access to. Thats 10 people who will tell you that what you've been told is bullshit. A few of them may be a little upset with me right now but they will vouch for me. So I would say that the risk paid off in that respect. I'm just hoping to get the respect of those models sooner than later.

Due to the prejudices out there against me, I had to be the black man in white face, the gay person acting straight, the female hiding her ponytail trying to play quarterback. People had all these preconceived notions about a person they never met all based upon garbage spread around by people I never met. Something had to be done. Just please keep this in mind. The ONLY lie (yes, that's what it was) I have told ya was about my true identity (I changed my bday on here to help cover that). Everything else is me. My postings, my thoughts, my intentions, my promises.

The Backlash

Now the backlash will begin. I'll be hearing it through the grapevine about how my haters are back to talking trash again. Now they will add how I am a deceitful bad person for trying to fool everyone and how they caught me. All the lies and accusations will surface again. How my work sucks, I cant help your portfolio. About the only truth that will be told is this and I admit it freely:

I shoot a lot of nudes. I'm sorry. Is that a bad thing? I have the same standing rule with every model I shoot. If the sets I'm looking to shoot require nudity on any level, you will agree to it beforehand or you wont shoot that set. We will shoot something else. If during the course of shooting and images are taken (accidentally or on purpose by us) that need to be kept off the net, they stay off the net unless I have your permission. If at a later date they need to come down, then yes, if asked politely, I will remove them. Get demanding and I'll take my sweet ass time about the matter. No need to ever be rude with me for any reason. I do not run a "shoot nude or pay me" set up. Certain models (with skills/talent/experience) I want to work with who cant shoot nude dont have to. I tell everyone if at anytime I suggest something that may be beyond what they can do, just tell me and we'll work around it. So I do NOT force or coerce anyone to shoot anything she has not already agreed to shoot prior to the shoot. I beg someone to show me different. Being that 90% of the time I'm riding with the model to the shoot location and she's my ride home, I'm pretty sure if I got out of line, my ass would be walking home.

I shoot a lot of sheer clothing. Yep! Guilty as charged! I like the way the curves of the female body show through when back lit properly. Its also easy to edit out a nipple to make it FB safe as well.

All of my work looks the same. I'm sorry, have you not looked at every other portfolio out there? All portfolios have tendencies that repeat, some specialize in certain genres so every shoot is the same with some variation. At least I have over 20 locations in DFW to shoot at when I want to. I currently love shooting at the lake. Dont like the lake, name something else and we'll go shoot there.

I don't try to date models or sleep with them. I know a few who also escorts but while they are with me, they are models. I don't try to exchange services with them or withhold images til I get a blowjob. I don't make anyone promises of making it big or making big money in DFW. It aint gonna happen! Anyone that promises you that, is blowing smoke up your ass. You don't get rich doing workshops. Yeah, you can make a little here and there but after doing a few and the handful of photographers in town that will actually pay to go to these things sees you're gonna be there yet again, yeah, they get bored shooting the same models over and over for a handful of images and paying $75-150 for a few minutes of shooting.

As you can see, I don't sugar coat either. I will tell it as I see it. Period. If its not what you want to hear, there are several out there who will accommodate ya!

The Fate of Logan Grey

Logan will remain. Kenny will stick to shooting all the family photos and Logan will be shooting the models. Its as simple as that. I will continue to run both labels separately for different purposes. I will not relabel my old work. Everything here is fresh (I have recently rebranded some of my older shoots to Logan grey just so they could be seen by those who only know of Logan's work. Yeah, kinda changed my mind on that one :p )

If anyone here wants to delete me or block me or never want to work with me, that's fine. Thats your choice. I wont hold anything against ya and I'll respect your decision.

I could have gotten upset, threw a fit, raised hell or reacted to this situation in some immature way or simply disappeared. I didn't. I knew what I was doing and I knew there could be repercussions for it. I want you all to do nothing but listen when people start talking about this in the negative. Look at who they are and what they are saying. Look at who they closely align themselves with. You'll then know who my haters, uh, excuse me, my fans are!

Added Note:

The Accusations

I was told by one photographer that I'm telling models to not shoot with him. I told him he was lied to. I tell models to shoot with anyone they want as long as they like their work and get good references. I dont supply references for anyone I have never met.

I was also told (which was the catalyst for a feud for the lack of a better term) that I forced a model to shoot with me or I would ruin her career and then afterwards I posted 80 images she didnt like and it made her cry for three days. I force no one to do anything. I dont have the connections to ruin anyone's "career" and everyone knows this. If I post an image that someone needs to be removed, all they have to do is ask. In other words, it was all made up by a douche bag photographer for whatever reason he felt justified

Both of these as well as any other one out there I'm not aware of, were never brought to my attention, I was never notified of who is making the accusation and never given the opportunity to tell my side of the story, if there is even a side to tell. There is a good possibility I never even met my accusers in person.

I will ask each of you who reads this now, if you have any knowledge of any negative comments running around about me and who is telling them, to PLEASE let me know so I can confront them so they can do a public retraction and admit they were lying their ass off.