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I had to remove the request for age verifying ID from the form. I still will require it at some point prior to booking. As long as it has your picture and your DOB to verify your age, we're good to go.

If you are one of the rare minors I end up shooting, we'll figure this out with your guardian


This page has been reworded on 23Mar22 as a way to make sure I'm perfectly clear on the following... and hopefully dont sound like the asshole some like to call me! lol :p

It seems that every time I turn around I need to reword this. So here it goes again!


Before you decide to go any further...

Did you actually read through the site? Especially the FAQs and About Me pages? If not, I suggest you do so now. Please do not make any assumptions about me, my work or any aspect of your shoot. KNOW! The information is there if you take the time.

The form below is not something any photographer in the area is doing that I'm aware of. Although it has been recently modified, its still unconventional. But then again, I've never really been one to follow everyone else either. It has kept the flakey model ratio down quite a bit since it inception and is not going away.

UPDATE: As a temporary experiment, I am foregoing TOPLESS images for your submission. Your figure images may have a top BUT you cannot misrepresent your figure. In other words (as something that has been tried in the past) multiple pushup bras to make the breast seem fuller. How you choose to do this, is up to you. I have new example images up for you as a guideline

I want to see your figure in full as a whole to see how everything sets naturally. Not posed. Not at a flattering angle. Not Photoshopped by someone else. I shoot sheer clothing. I shoot topless. I shoot nudes. I need to know what I have to work with prior to the shoot vs at the shoot and I may have to change everything up or cancel altogether due to being misled (which has happened many times over the years before this). If I feel I was purposely misled, yes I will cancel the shoot on the spot

I'm not always looking for "perfect" but more perfect for a specific shoot idea. 

Images used in the examples below were taken specifically for this page

NOTE: I have modified the form to reflect what TFP shoots I'm booking for... My Casting Calls. Other sets will be done as well but I want to get these done in order to make room for other concepts. I just have too many to do! :) 

Added NOTE: When looking the projects you're interested in, please check all you want to do. We will do 1-2 per shoot to allow for other sets to be done. Many of them cannot be done on the same day due to prep time. If you choose a messy shoot, i.e., anything with paint, expect the Rain Machine afterwards.




Before you go ANY further, I want to add a quick word.

I set the form up to force all blanks and questions to be answered. NONE are to be taken lightly. If you are not going to take the time to PROPERLY fill out and submit, then please dont waste your time or mine. I will reply either by email or social media that I got your form ONLY if it was done correctly. If it was filled out half assed, I wont bother.

So before you begin... read through the form. Think about your answers. If you are not properly prepared to answer, then come back when you are. If you feel its too much effort, then I probably dont want you in front of my camera anyway. I've invested over 16 years and tens of thousands of dollars into my art. I'm only asking for a few mins of your time to be invested in the pursuit of yours.


Front- Thigh up. No posing. No weird angles. 


Side- Thigh up. No posing. No weird angles. 

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