TFP Booking

This page has been reworded on 17June2021 as a way to make sure I'm perfectly clear on the following... and hopefully dont sound like the asshole some like to call me! lol :p

The form below, filled out correctly and in its entirety is the only way to get your TFP shoot booked with me. 200+ models before you have done it and so will everyone else. This form, as unorthodox as it will seem, has proven to be effective in the following:

Getting me YOUR info in one place at one time

Ensuring that any model interested in any of my casting calls is right for the shoot

Keeping those who are unable to shoot in the manner to which I am accustomed from wasting their time as well as mine

Finally, I'll know who's serious about booking her shoot. 90% of those who have gotten me there info, have followed through with their shoots vs the 30-40% from before I developed the form. So yeah, the flake issue has dropped dramatically!

After 15+ years, I found this to work. No back and forth over different forms of communication. No "I'm interested in shooting" then ghosting. No booking a model then getting a no show. So as much as many will disapprove of this method, I wont apologize for it cause it works.

As you can tell, yes, I am asking for topless images. I want to see your figure in full as a whole to see how everything sets naturally. Not posed. Not at a flattering angle. Not Photoshopped by someone else. I shoot sheer clothing. I shoot topless. I shoot nudes. I need to know what I have to work with prior to the shoot vs at the shoot and I may have to change everything up due to being mislead (which has happened many times over the years before this). If you feel more comfortable, yes you can use tape/pasties to cover the nipples if you choose. They wont be used on the shoot but for the purposes of submission, yes you can


I understand that most photographers will not do this. You may have done many shoots without being asked. I'm not most photographers. I'm not afraid to ask for what I need to ensure the images in my head get shot with the right model(s). I see it no different than if I was needing a hand model to ask for images of what I will be shooting, your hands. Just in this case, its the whole figure.

I'm not always looking for "perfect" but more perfect for a specific shoot idea. 

Images used in the examples below are being used with her permission for this purpose. Your images will remain on file only and never released

Front- Thigh up. No posing. No weird angles. Panties or bikini bottoms only.

Side- Thigh up. No posing. No weird angles. Panties or bikini bottoms only.

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