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TFP Booking



I had to remove the request for age verifying ID from the form. I still will require it at some point prior to booking. As long as it has your picture and your DOB to verify your age, we're good to go.

If you are one of the rare minors I end up shooting, we'll figure this out with your guardian


Below is the form I require for TFP Model Booking in order to get your shoot booked. It eliminates hours or days of back and forth over several forms of communication.

Before you go any further, I do suggest you read through About Me FAQs Your Shoot pages. If you're new to modeling, then Advice as well

Below are two examples of the full body images I'm requesting for your form


Front- Thigh up. No posing. No weird angles. 


Side- Thigh up. No posing. No weird angles. 

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