Booking Options

These are your Booking Options:

1) TFP for my Casting Calls. I have 24 models that are currently lined up to do their versions of these and future ones and may add others as I see fit. If you feel you have the right look for any of these then please use this option. Please keep in mind that my casting calls do call for nudity on some level and could be displayed here on my website but are mainly used for submission for publication as well as for Bentbox. If you have now or will have issues with these being seen by the public, this option is not for you.

2) Client Booking. Although this is for modeling, you will still be treated as any other client. Once I receive your info I will get you your rate based upon your needs and we will get a date set. I will say this again, nudity in any form is your call and will not be asked for and does not affect your quote in any way

Before you go ANY further... Did you read through my website? If not, then you shouldnt be clicking on either form.