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Being that you have chosen to not select a Casting Call option, you are not eligible for TFP in which I do not need the same amount of info so this will be simple and basic.

To remind you of the terms:

You are being charged a flat rate for your shoot. This will be quoted once I get your info

You will receive all the same courtesy as I do everyone else including the full shoot as well as all instruction as I have always done. You will not be shortchanged!

You have the option for nudes but they are your call

I will still retain all copyrights

You will still be required to sign a model release

I may or may not use select (non nude) images on social media and/or here on my website for promotional purposes

If you have any questions at this time, please ask!

Again, this is NOT for TFP! For TFP shoots, please go here

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